FISD recognizes students, reviews Attendance Zone maps

During its regular Dec. 04, 2023 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met to recognize students, review new calendar, consider attendance zone maps and a large pile of chromebooks.

  • Held a 45-minute executive session.
  • U. S. Flag - Anthony Arriaga, a Twelfth Grade Student at Forney Learning Academy
  • Texas Pledge - Walker Williams, a Fourth Grade Student at Blackburn Elementary
  • Accepted a donation - Ms. Kristin Zastoupil, Executive Director of Communications, stated the Griffin PTO was donating 13k.
  • Holiday Card Winners
        Ms. Zastoupil showed a video then announced the winners, and presented a certificate to the Overall winner.
  • Volleyball Academic All-State Awards
        Mr. Neal Weaver, Athletic Director, introduced the students.
  • Held a short recess
  • Monthly Financial Report
        Mr. John Chase, Chief Financial Officer, said General Fund revenue was 22% of expected, vs. 22% last year; expenses were 34% vs 36% last year; Food Service revenue at 34% vs. 30% last year; expenses at 26% vs. 22% last year.  Debt Service won't see much activity, 75% of activity is in January - revenue at 3% vs. 2% last year, expenses at 58% vs. 60% last year.
  • 1st Quarter Investment Report
        Mr. Chase stated interest rates were 4.8 to 5.4%, yielding income of 5.6 mln.
  • 1st Quarter Tax Report
        Mr. Chase said revenue based on 2.9 bln in value, up 10% from prior year.  Originally predicted increase of over 21%, but the law raising homestead exemption lowered value by about 1 bln.  The state should compensate ISDs for the difference.
  • Public Comment - none.
  • Approved as one consent item:

    • Minutes of November 9, 2023, Regular Meeting
    • Minutes of November 16, 2023, Special Called Meeting
    • the Budget Amendment
    • Prevailing Wage Rates
    • Construction Bids

  • Approved attendance zone modification plan for the 2024-2025 school year
        Ms. Kim Morisak, Chief Operations Officer, displayed the maps, said they are identical to what was shown at last special board meeting, which showed adjustments for Lewis and Griffin.  Middle and High school maps have been unchanged since the start.
        Dr. Terry said these provide true feeders, a rarity in fast growth districts.
        Ms. Burkhalter asked about the person that spoke at the special meeting; Ms. Morisak said there were too many unknowns in that area to make adjustments, and they can offer transfer opportunities.
  • Reviewed 2025-2026 school calendar as a first reading
        Ms. Morisak said provided just one draft to DEIC, calendar is very similar to the current year.
  • Approved chromebook purchase
        Mr. Chase said started offering these 7 years ago, generally have a 3-year life.  Got 22 bid responses, got fantastic price on the 13k units for 188.69 vs. last purchase at 192 each.  Total cost of 2.4 mln will be spread across 3 accounts.
  • No additional executive session re:

    • Consultation with Attorney, Pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code §551.071
    • Deliberation Regarding Potential Purchase and Acquisition of Real Property, Kaufman County, Texas, Pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.071
    • Deliberation Regarding the Employment of Professional Contract Personnel, Pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code §551.074, Personnel Matters

  • Approved the employment of professional contract personnel, as discussed in closed session
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  • Adjourned at
  • meeting_date: 
    Monday, 2023, December 4